Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adventure Time Video Game Launch Party Exclusive

Pen Ward, creator of Adventure Time took the time to sign autographs for fans of all ages last Tuesday night at the West Hollywood Game Stop here in LA. Sitting right next to him was James Montagna, WayForward game director of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!. As the night drew on fans asked Pen to record messages, sign guitars and sign DVD  covers. In a JPL hat and a flannel shirt Pen was praised over and over. He wasn't the only one as WayForward staff that worked on the game came to bask in fandom hearing praise from fans and to see who came out.

As so many Adventure Time fans came, festivities had to be cut short. A planned trivia contest and cosplay competition was put off so Pen and Dave could sign everyone's stuff. The rocking chiptune concert by Jake Kaufman instead ended the night. Before it ended prizes were flung into the crowd. Jake's remixed version of the Adventure Time theme shouted into the crowd and started off a dance party. Soon famous anime voice actress Christina V. sang her own song from the game. As sweet beats bounced of Finn hats and golden swords the event slowed down. The crowd soon departed ready for the adventure of the game that was just released that day.

 I'll have more photos from the event in the next few days look forward to them.

                                                         Jake Kaufman concert

                                                    Christina V-Song Princess and Lady Rainicorn in the game
                                                       WayForward Developers