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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Card Get!

Now you could send the same boring cards you send every year or you could send these ones that will having your friends and family laughing or pondering what were you thinking. In any case they're better than any cards you'll get.

Video Game Christmas Cards

Amaze your friends and family with unique greeting cards inspired by classic gaming characters. With 10 different designs there's bound to be a card to suit every kind of gamer.

Hine Mizushima Postcard Set

The postcard set include:
-Space Cadet Akane in Danger!
-Space Cadet Akane in Danger!
-Octopus and His Ukelele
-Happy Holidays with Ectoplasm

And it comes with 3 free Ectoplasm stickers! :D

Postcard size: about 4" x 6" ( 10.2 x 15.3 cm)

If the art seems familar it might be because I interviewed the creator Hine Mizushima . Here work capture being cute and off-putting in just the right way. It might be outer space and aliens for Hine, but it's still Christmas. I just like the little nods to the holiday, but the colring of certain objects to make them yule tide good.

Doctor Who Christmas Cards

K-9 Rudolph the Reindeer


Tardis Happy Holidays

Krampus Greeting Cards: Gruss vom Krampus!

Krampus is a horrible demon that takes away the bad children on Christmas for other regions that celebrate Christmas. It's kind of a good and bad setup as him and Santa go throughout the night.

Ice King's Christmas Proposal

 "You can roast my chestnuts any time, Princess."

55 Hi's

Happy Holidays

Christmas Story

Season's Greetings

 The Ornament Card