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Friday, November 23, 2012

Anime Hype: Funimation Stocking Stuffers

Funimation is having a lot of presents for the holiday season with a wide collection of new and old series to get on DVD and Blu-ray. Here's a breakdown of what you should be picking up.

Is This A Zombie? Season One (Limited Edition)

Things are no going well for a recently deceased zombie boy who for whatever reason per strange Japanese take on zombie withers in sunlight. Luckily for him a harem of cut girls who are all really monsters and such have decided to stay with him and bother him. Wish it came out for Halloween, but it's here just in time for Christmas.

Level E: Complete Series (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Now I've heard hyep from this due to comments about Hunter X Hunter, why bring up another anime, because the creator of Level E made Hunter X Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho, remember it on Toonami? This anime is a comedy about an alien, Prince Baka whose so smart he's making Earth his personl sitcom by playing pranks. I haven't seen it, but looking forward to a actual funny anime with no drama or action sequence for no reason.

A Certain Magical Index: Season One, Part One and Part Two

All I know is that fans from Japn never shut up about the series and fans over here have been wanting it for some time. It also had some controversy when extras had the show coying squid girl. It looks like to be some thrilling acion with magic and scien fights with a nun on the run.

Tenchi Muyo!: OVA Series (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Tenchi Muyo is finally back and on Blu-Ray! The mother of all harem animes is back with a protagonist who just seems so boring it doesn't make sense why alien space girls fall all over him. You won't care as early Pioneer animation blows away most of today's anime with Tenchi dealing with his life becoming a Star Wars movie. A Star Wars movie where hot babes live with Tenchi and have a floating bathing pool. I could talk hours about this one, but I'll wait for my review.

Steins;Gate: Part Two (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Don't you leave me with a cliffhange like that again Funimation. By now you've read my review of the first part of the collection and I want more of it. I want more crazy time travel shenanigans and I want to know what happened as the series takes a much darker turn.