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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Miami Connection Hits, Kicks and Flips LA

Drafthouse Films uncovered a martial arts B-Movie so bad it had been lost for decades. A VHS copy found on eBay for $50 let it return to the big screen. After a few showings at the Drafthouse it became an instant B-movie, so bad it's good hit. With a new release on DVD and Blu-ray soon special screenings have happened around the country. There was one a few months back at The Cinefamily. Last Friday night at Nuarte a sold-out show had special guests and the showing of one of the silliest and dumb movies I've seen in some time.

Jason Eisener of Hobo With A Shotgun fame was in attendance, he cut the new trailer for Miami Connection.

                                               Star of the film Y.K. Kim about to attack

Before watching a film that couldn't capture having a rock band that fights ninja correctly, but I can't think of one that does, the audience was treated to the spectacle of little kids performing martial arts on stage. Shortly after and introduction of a self-made martial arts Grandmaster Y.K. Kim was show explaining his life and his infomercial like guide to life. However silly he may act or his goals may seem, he can  kick some ass. He kicked plenty of ass, pumping up the crowd before Miami Connection even hit the screen. The audience was screeching adulation at Kim for the chance to win one of his martial art books, but I believe they would have yelled just by Kim's power.

After yelling their lungs out the audience sat back and enjoyed one of the greatest B- movies of all time. Ninjas, a sob story that makes no sense, terrible acting, added voice over dialogue all smooshed together made every moment a laugh. Oh, there was gore and blood, they're were blood fights and shootings throughout this film. The best part even with all that might have been one actor's sob story about their father. I need to get the soundtrack however as the music numbers blew me away as they will you. Rocking out to songs about friendship and ninjas set a new tone for asking WTF is happening?

Get the film when it comes out