Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweet! Hollywood Part 2

Part 2 of looking into Sweets! Hollywood, the recently opened candy haven. There's much more in the store that will be covered in this series and it seemed the operation was still filling and fixing the store when I went a week ago. The soda station could have a wider selection, but it's off to a good start. With so many tourist traps in LA this might be the first I'd like to be trapped in at least before catching a film at the Chinese theaters nearby.

The Wonka section seems to be right out of a movie. A magical section of the shop that looks as good as it taste or is taste as good as it looks. In any case there's plenty of artisan chocolates to try and anything Wonka related you're looking for.

Mind you, there are some pricey pieces of chocolate, but they are quite rare to try. Just the design of the store begs the question of taste for others. Putting in such effort to look brilliant almost like a museum for hardened sugar should be an example to surrounding stores.

There were also tasting machines, which let you select a small amout, maybe a drop of candy to see if you'd like more of it. I'll have to try these out more on my nexy visit.
The yucky section is both gross and delightful as it makes good use of potty humor by putting dispensers of flavored sugar right above cans. Next door you'll find a rainbow of double M's and jelly beans. Back to the gross out sugar, if it's made of gummy, or if it'ssuper sour or just looks gross it's in this section. Toilets with candy dispenser hooked up to them could create such new problems for health issues in America, luckliy the toilets are fake. I hope no one messes up.

I didn't see it myself, but a gumball track is powered by this Ferrari you can see speeding gumballs when the World’s Fastest Gumball Machine is operational.
Right outside the candy shop you might want to try out the musical stairs. I was wondering who was playing the piano outside so loud and from where?