Thursday, November 15, 2012

Machinima Interactive Film Festival Nov 30-Dec 8

A bunch of info on the Interactive Film Festival happening at IAM8BIT, looks like a new experience
 for those into gaming or film.
The Machinima Interactive Film Festival (or MIFF, as it’s fondly referred to) is a massive collaboration between Machinima, iam8bit, and some of the best and brightest filmmakers and animators on YouTube.
The Machinima Interactive Film Festival shines a light on the hard working filmmakers and animators at the forefront of this unprecedented cultural shift in online video media. YouTube has exploded with talent over the last few years and we here at Machinima have been fortunate enough to be right there with it, forging new paths and being a part of the birth of a true media renaissance. We are excited to launch this groundbreaking and thought provoking event, in collaboration with iam8bit.
The exhibit will run from November 30th - December 8th at the iam8bit Studios in LA, with an online promotional component running concurrently on the main Machinima channel ( during that week as well.
November 30th, 2012
  8pm – 11pm
The event will be held at the iam8bit studios - 2147 W. Sunset, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Visit for more information.)
Drinks will be served, a DJ will be playing, shirts will be given away, and most important, you will be witnessing history!