Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aim High: Season 1 Review

Aim High: The Complete First Season

Just in time for the next James Bond film comes Aim High. A high school student trained by the government to be a spy. Sounds like a 90's cartoon. In fact, I'm sure the concept has been a cartoon before, but not with the cameos and budget this had.

It's the age old tale of a high schooler not being able to tell others how cool he is and why while he messes up in life. This time it's because he's a secret agent. Nick Green does a great job of stopping terrorists and killing bad guys, because too many of America's agents are busy fighting other bad guys. The series has a big sense of humor and isn't afraid to have some sex jokes like the average teen dramedy.

What might break the mold is Nick gets sick of being an agent, breaks it off with the government and everything seems to be going right before it goes wrong. I like the characters and the writing, but it felt like I had seen it all before. I'd like to see the people behind this given another show. This was a good stepping stone, but it doesn't need a second season.

The oddest thing about Aim High isn't that a high schooler is a government agent, but this first season is a web series collected on disc. I'm sure it's not the first it's just odd Warner Bros release in this format as fans of the series would most likely have already seen it online and like to just keep in on their hard drives compared to their DVD collection. Since it's web- series it's also very short and episodes go by in a flash.