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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sweet! Hollywood Part 1

 Where the inventions of Lenoardo da Vinci once took residence comes a new candy store so filled with sugary sweets you'd believe you could eat the walls. Don't eat the walls. Last week I had my first chance to walk through this new candy wonderland at the Hollywood and Highland Center. I've seen so many scores of shops not fit in, but Sweet! Hollywood is a perfect candy filled addition.

Sweet! Hollywood
6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 201, Hollywood, CA. (323) 809-4380
Open Sunday-Thursday 9AM-9PM, Friday and Saturday 9AM-10PM

Now this isn't any small candy store, this place is probably the largest candy store you'll go in unless you're all the way in Disneyland. I'd say it's easily bigger than It'Sugar at Citywalk too. There's a rainbow of flavors, tastes and hard to find stuff.

Your first stop might be through the tourist knick-nack section just pass it and you'll be in candy central station.
 Sticky shows you traditionally hand rolled candy being made in front of you like taffy and candy canes.
 The Crunch bar has a fun surprise if you step on it try it out!
 The Chocolate Lab, pun intended, let's you concoct your on candy bars. You'll see it made in front of you. The machines were down, but they should be up soon.

                Here's the main register and to no surprise it's surrounded by candy.

                                         They have trees of lollipops.
 Sweet! even features some of the hard to find KitKats you might only find in Little Tokyo.
More on the store in part 2.