Friday, November 30, 2012

AMC 6 Dine-In Theaters Watch Your Movie and Eat Your Cake Too

Marina Del Rey has just added a dine-in theater. On a recent preview night for press I had the pleasure of experiencing it. A symphony of food and film awaited me in a viewing experience I had never known.

 AMC Marina 6
13455 Maxella Ave Ste 270 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Opens Dec 3rd

I wonder what other titles for web site previews or local news quotes are going to be said for this place opening up. I'm just sure they will be a corny as mine.

So what is a dine-in theater? It's sheer pleasure, sir or madam. It's also away to enjoy a full meal while watching any new film on the market. I'll break it down my experience, even though it'll be easy for you to enjoy on your own.

First off, it's reservation seating. You can of course order your tickets on-line. at kiosks outside or inside. After that you'll find your wonderfully comfortable seats. Before that you might want to check out the bar and you can keep drinking in the theater no problem.

When I first entered the largest theater in the cinema I was shocked at the space per-person. The largest theater contains 100 seats and the overall cinema only holds 400 seats all together. You have leg room, both for yourself and for the sever to easily get to you.

The seats themselves, for any movie buff of film fan, are just intoxicating. After seating down I noticed a button on the inside  of my seat. I pressed it and my feet were raised in the air as my head fell back. The seats recline! There leather and fill quite comfortable on your butt. They also have an easy to use tray that swings forward or back to compensate for you reclining and get to your food as easily as possible. Drink holders on the side and even some surface space to hold your belongings. A light in back of you on both sides does stay on during the film and next to it a button for a server.

To get food during a film you simply press a button and a server will come to you in a short period of time and will kneel as to not block other people's view and ask you in a low voice what you would like to eat. I found my server more than helpful and with a quiet enough tone that she wouldn't disturb others. Your check will come some time before the movie ends and you can pay it at anytime even until after the films done playing, so no rush.

I can see how it might disturb someone, but you will have to deal with people moving about quietly and those low level seat lights on at all times. The light might have disturbed me once or twice during the film, but it might just be something to get use too. I don't know if I could stand it during a horror movie. If they weren't there, you wouldn't be able to see your meal.

The food was delicious. The selection is huge and I sampled a bit of almost everything. Appetizers are aplenty. You could easily share one appetizer with a group of  two to four, maybe try the seafood sampler since your so close to the sea. The seafood sampler let's you test the water before diving into the the heavy seafood selection. The Lobster Pizzetta and crab cakes were my favorites. My guest fell in love with the Crab Rangoon Dip. The loaded potato skins will easily fill you up. Parmesan Fries can feed a hefty force of hunger. These were just some of the appetizers, there's also plenty of the most loved salads for healthier thinking Anglenos.

After appetizers were entrees. I grabbed the Blue Max Burger under guidance from my server. It's a cheesy burger that's so filling you'll have to slow down to eat it. I'm not into spicy, but the Fire burger has Jalapenos in almost every part of it. Tenderloin tips cost more, but are well worth it for their taste. My guest chowed down on the chipotle chicken and bacon pizzini. He was also quite full at this point. I didn't have a chance to try the wings or main seafood, but you'll be coming back to try new things each time. There's sections of the menu I didn't get to cover due to so many items to try.

Onto the desserts. The Waffle Sundae is pure indulgence. Two waffles with vanilla ice cream, and sprinkles of candied bacon. It just works, you might want to start with that and see how much you'll want to eat after. The New York Cheesecakes was eaten up fast, while my guest enjoyed his Divine Carrot Cake.

Once again there's plenty of alcoholic drinks to get, but they also have some great smoothies and milk shakes to try too. Don't worry they have popcorn and all the other snacks you could want, the only difference is they come to you with them.

Quality and customer service were superb, this is easily a place to go for a birthday or date. It's not even that expensive if you consider how much a meal would cost later that evening. You could easily find yourself saving time, by just checking out a film here. I know prices might be a factor, but compared to other theaters I'd say there the same. If you're already in the Santa Monica Beach area it's a great way to end an evening.