Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Card Get! 2

Pika ★ Chi Double
Free Happy Holiday Christmas Card with every order!

Pokemon Christmas Card

Get it locally
12/01~12/02 Unique LA
12/08~12/09 Renegade Craft Fair

The following cards will also be attainable at the above local events, check to make sure.

Genuinehaha-Robot Santa

A great way to send holiday cheer to a monster!

Mr. Tree


 A great way to celebrate your pity the fool this Holiday season!

Kate Funk loves to piss off her cat Christmas cards

AC is the Christmas Tree greeting card

AC is the Abominable Snowman greeting card

AC at the North Pole greeting card

 AC by the Fire greeting card

Rock Scissor Paper DEER STABILE



These following cards will only be available online
Zombie Christmas Cards

Season's Greetings From The Vaders Gift Tags by Jeffery Brown