Saturday, November 3, 2012

Metalocalypse: Season 4 Review

Metalocalypse: Season 4

The meatheads behind Dethklok finally get in the thick of their prophecy. Mysteries about why a band of idiots who have legions of fans world wide will remain a mystery, but there will be blood and horrible violence everywhere. I didn't want you to miss picking this up for only $9.99 on Amazon as I write this.

My favorite episode of the season has to be Fanklok openly mocking fan culture and events like comic-con. Of course everyone who enjoys Dethklok does horribly. It's one of those episodes that deals with taboos for bands that Metalocalypse runs into the ground with meat hooks. Don't ever date a fan, bang them and get out.

As I've written in the past Adult Swim DVD's just deliver more content, extras and just cover more than any other company. Just look at the damn thing, it looks like a evil mystical tomb. Two hours of extras for only 12 episodes that very nice for it's price.

This is a buy if you're a fan or just want something horrible to show to friends, but not a s horrible as Superjail. The best game to play after watching is what part disgusted you more. I swear Alamo Draft House could do a 100 best kills showing with just this season alone.