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Thursday, November 1, 2012

LACMA Muse Costume Ball Frighteningly Fun Halloween

Here's Johnny! Johnny and all his friends from Kubrick films that is. Oct 31st had LACMA having different guest who didn't just love art, but became it wearing a wide array of scary to morbid takes on Kubrick films. The annual LACMA Muse Ball this time themed with Kubrick in mind was a mind altering success. Costumes only made up part of the night as guests were greeted by an Eyes Wide Shut ball before them. Behind the dancers in strange masks were more strange masks projected on a large backdrop. This was a crazy entrance to encounter, but soon guests would be part of an even more eery production.

Eye Wide Shut themed floating masks were only the start of the Kubrick-filled night of terror as you made you're way through Ahmason Building. You spotted other costumed guests going up the stairs and the main party unfold outside. DJ Daedelus was pounding out some killer beats in a Napolean costume, but before that some lovely dancers were on stage acting out songs for 2001. First was an act based on "starlight" which had ladies dancing in star studded outfits. Then a Helena 9000 with Dr. David Bowman astronaut trying to sell her to you as she did the robot. This led into a costume contest I'll get into in the next post.

Guests had plenty more to get lost in like a maze from The Shining. Did I mention they were serving Redrum mixed drinks? Guests were also allowed entry into Kubrick Exhibit covered only a few days ago on the site. Seeing people from the films studying the exhibit was bit surreal. Seeing an alien check out Kubrick's early life was just silly. Yet, it was magical to see Kubrick's creations take form and walk through the history of his life.

 The Archimedes robot wasn't that silly and that robotic moving mirror wall might need to be mass marketed for DJ's and bands around the world. It made DJ Daedelus set, quite the show.

You'd be amazed out how many Hal 9000es there were, a few Jack Torrances and even some video game references. Check them all out in the below in the costume section.