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Friday, November 2, 2012

LACMA Muse Costume Ball 2012

 This years Muse Costume Ball blew away the audience with fanfare in three categories. The categories for best costume, most elaborate and best Kubrick-themed were this years challenge. It was a fierce competition as you can see in the photos. As jokes were made at the costumed contestants expense the audience cried out for who they wanted to win. The lady from "The Birds" won best costume. Most elaborate was a tie between the "Snalien" and a Dalek from Doctor Who. Both did a great job as they were both amazing to see slowly around the party, due to their size. The Dalek costume took two weeks to make and the Snalien looked like the work of a professional. Snalien stayed in character and was great to talk to as an alien out for a night of fun. Best Kubrick-themed costume went to none other than friend of the blog Sky Burchard for his Monolith costume. You can see him in some fun gallery shots below in the 2001 section of the Kubrick exhibit.


 Winners Snalien and Dalek

 Winner Monolith