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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Adventure Time Game Preview

Adventure Time becoming a real video game and for 3DS and DS no less was a shocking revelation for fans. Then the news it was being made by WayForward came out and it became even more of a shock. Finally, after so much hype and build-up we have the date of November 20th for it's release. In a short time you can play as Finn and Jake beating up evil-doers and breaking many tea cups.

A little while back I was invited to the D3 Publisher's Office to try out the game. I can't get far without saying it immediately grabbed me as a fun adventure I can't wait to play in full! As soon as the remix of the Adventure Time theme came from the 3DS I knew I would be playing something special for the 3DS.

If you haven't kept up with the site than you might not know that the site covers Adventure Time news quite often and tries to follow the projects of those who have worked for the show. As the series goes on I'm sure you'll be seeing many of the crew go off to do many great things.

Too bad they had no involvement with this game. The game is in no way bad or anything, it just happened to be a Pen Ward and WayForward affair, no other crew were involved. Pen Ward dolt out what he wanted and had a series of meetings with the WayForward crew about the game. James Montagna director of the game worked closely with Pen to get the best story and game elements they could.

So at the offices of D3 publishing as I played and chatted I learned about the game. Like it's been written a million time over the games resembles  the gameplay style of Zelda 2. You have an overworld that takes you across the Land of Ooo. I started a new game and found myself in Finn and Jake's tree house. Finn and Jake had to stop the Ice King from stealing their garbage, because they just had to, it's Adventure Time logic. Along the way I hit many a tea cup with Jake to get outside. You see Finn and Jake are basically one character. Jake transforms for whatever new goal is set, while Finn is the sword man. There is no Jake suit transformation. Jake however can punch things like the odd amount of tea cups in their house. Another note of interest, sadly, battles have no summons, so no calling forth Marceline or magical powers for attacks.
*Fun note
Did you know the golden sword Finn has is called Scarlet? I was told that's what Pen calls it in the meetings he had with D3. No idea it even had a name as the toy is called Finn's Golden Sword of Battle.

The loot system of collecting stuff was rather fun looking as it was Beemo on the lower screen. I was told once you collect certain items you can combine them. So regular food, plus a condiment can make a super food item. You can even have an "Everything Burrito" from the show.

Boss battles will take place and there will be five of them with players having to learn the right moment and place to attack. One of the new enemies created by Pen Ward is Chainsaw Bear, which is exactly as it sounds a bear with a chainsaw. There are some different areas to explore with you starting in the Grassland. You''ll visit the Candy Kingdom, Red Rocks and of course the Ice Kingdom on your journey.

I only got to play the game for a few minutes, but I can't wait to give you a full review later this month. I recommend getting the Collector's Edition for a mere $40 before they're gone.

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