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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini-Golf

 Update: Location has closed
 Hello, Children of the night! Do you dare... I'm sorry, it's too nice a place to go for a goth vibe.

 Putting Edge
6081 Center Drive Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 348-9770

(Just a heads up the photos had to be well-lit sometimes, taking away the glow in the dark glow)

Yes, Putting Edge doesn't sound that spooky, now does it? What it is a fun 18 hole miniature golf experience unlike any I've played or can think of in LA. Glow in the dark mini-golf anyone? You might find it to be a small course when you enter, but it's merely deceiving you. Different areas traverse the back of the course. All you can see is not all you can see, sorry not a inner, finding yourself thing, but it is an 18 hole course and will take you some time to complete it. Hint* Wear white, you'll glow in the dark better, really cool if you have logo and such.

Now the course has different sections with their own tricks or style. A lot of it is ocean themed, you have a nice jungle area, ye old medieval times area with knights and a dragon and so on. Everything there like a giant sharks mouth you have to walk into or an octopus blocking a shot is worth a comment from you and you frinds as you whack some balls. The medieval area might be my favorite. You might be asking

 "How will I see these things?",

well, they glow, they glow in neon colors. So do your balls, the ones you get there...they're bright an easily spotted on the floor. Also white clothes I already noted.

Arcade area has some new titles, mixed with old. Air-hockey is always fun, and that big soccer game will be a fun battle. Not pleased at everything being a buck. I think the Ms. Pac-man machine was two tokens, should be one token. Just have change ready or a few bucks set aside for the play.

-Plenty of eats at the concession stand, all the old goodies.

-Birthday parties are welcome and they have special section set up for the kids.

-You might want to sign up for Summer membership and the course is free all summer

Overall it's a great activity that can be joined by the adjacent theater nearby, it's really a full fun weekend when you do both. You'll enjoy the spectacle of the place, it's just a fun and easy way to hang out with friends or the family and experience mini-golf in a new way. Gotta say it be great to do around Halloween, but check it out way before then.