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Saturday, May 12, 2012

UCLA Game Art Festival More Games

 Here's more from the UCLA Game Art Festival, Night # 2
So to back track UCLA's Broad Art Center was filled with game makers May 10th. While outside people played Quidditch (the Harry Potter game) and talked to escape the painfully loud speakers with chip tune music blasting inside, which would have been fine at a lower volume or frankly could have been outside.

Here some more fun games from the event.

Add Adipose Pose by Joanna Cheung

One of my favorites from the festival is all about blowing up your opponents body. As you can see above, you insert balloons throughout your clothing as does you opponent. You each have a button, by pressing your button you randomly fill one of the balloons with air. The more you press the more air and more chances to blow up your opponent. Gotta say this would be great for parties, but the setup would require and air pump machine and buying a lot of balloons. Nothing quite as devious to get someone's clothes off.

Flatland ARG!!!

by UCLA Game Lab

 Flatland ARG!!! was just so boring to see demonstrated. It was the last event of the night and everyone was waiting for it. You put on gear and are given a sword like object called a scepter. You then try and level yourself up. To get into it more, each scepter has a cell phone with in it that communicates with the games server that gives vital information to the player. The scepter tracks movement and actions like fighting or the motion of pumping that is translated into an action in the game. Your also tracked by the special costume you wear.
 I just hated it, it seemed mime larping.Just the lack of music and being to see you actions fully on a projected board made it seem quite boring. I didn't get to play it, but it seemed to memorize the crowd.

Relativity Runner

by Chris DeLeon

  Try and get around in a M.C. Escher picture, reminded me of monochrome.



Ultitsa Dimitrova

by Lea Schönfelder
Kind of funny game where your a homeless chain smoking kid in Russia who must constantly get more cigarettes. I liked the simple animation with the strange concept of stealing constantly.


by Lea Schönfelder

Could be an adult swim game and you can try it at the link above. Your a girl who mush have sex with as many men as possible without being seen by other men. Sort of like Metal Gear meets sexy time, once again Lea's animation's are super silly. Can you sleep with all the men?

 by Mark Beasley and Jon Satrom

Made no sense. Couldn't understand anything going on.