Thursday, May 17, 2012

LA Comic Shops: Melrose Music & Comics

 Melrose Music and Comics
7301 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
 (323) 934-3373

Be it the poster ceiling aesthetic inside to the semi-regrettable idea music still needs a store Melrose Music and Comics should just become Melrose Comics. When I enter it, I don't think of music when I see action figures high up on the wall, singing the gospel of fan boy. I don't see music in the odd collectibles and more action figures lining the store. What I see is a huge collection of comics and neat stuff to keep anybody engrossed with the place.

Now for the card player they have special events and some areas to play. I don't think of it as the best place to play in LA, there are some roomier places, but I'm sure they can pack people in to enjoy themselves.
They have so much stuff even though it's smaller than it's competition nearby that they can play with the big boys. Sure they don't have R2D2 or a section just for children's clothing, which seems so out of place in Meltdown, but I guess it makes bank, Melrose Comics just has comic style.