Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sharknife Series Review

Corey Lewis is a talented artist and writer and I'm sorry to see his thoughts drizzle out into a shark powered sentai (think power ranger) super hero. Calling his work creative would be an understatement, but calling it well done would be a lie. In his tale of busboy Caesar Ives transforming into the super hero Sharknife who battles monsters put into the massive The Guandong Factory restaurant he works at it, with talk of gods, super dimensional powers and video games is too much to take in. Far too much is happening and the characters just seem to bore me.  For some great over the top action you won't find in any American comics and a art style that can blow away cities, you'll find the story being hum drum and detached.

There's a lot of back story and mythos filling up each page, not to mention action, but every character seems like the same person telling the same story. It's like a monologue. A monologue with some truly sick art. You should check out his other work, loved Seedless, or he might be an artist who needs a writer to get some really great work out there.

Sharknife Volume 1: Stage First
Sharknife Volume 2: Double Z