Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hero Complex Zack Synder and Robert Kirkman

After a showing of Zack's Dawn of the Dead and short reel from The Walking Dead Geoff Boucher introduced Robert Kirkman and Zack Synder. It was the start of this years Hero Complex taking place at the Regal Cinemas at LA Live ( I like the Chinese theater at Hollywood and Highland better, it's just about traffic and parking).

As the crowd yelled and screamed the zombie summit commenced. Zack talked about how it working on his first big movie and that he was doing everything the studio asked until his veteran DP told him at a certain point while filming he could no longer be fired, so do whatever you want he said. Moments of short funny stories and honest, relaxed dialogue spewed out from Zacks' mouth like old blood from a zombies.

Robert Kirkman creator of The Walking Dead immediately asked about Superman, he prodded pleaded, but he couldn't get anything out of Zack, neither could Geoff our host. Zack didn't spill any beans about the Supes movie.

Robert went about some fascinating points about his show. For one he didn't try and control casting, he was just lucky enough to get actors that looked like his characters. He also learned a little more from the other writers about telling a story. Robert comes off like a nerd friend you just want to hang out with.

Possibly, my favorite part was the talk of baby death, Robert Kirkman joked of having more of it in the show when discussing how emotional it can be writing it. He rally does tear up when a main character goes under it seems.

Here's some clips from the event.