Thursday, May 31, 2012

Game Hype: Injustice: Gods Among Us Is A Stupid Title

Injustice: Gods Among Us is DC's and Warner Bros' next attempt at a fighting game based on DC characters. The games just never going to catch the fun attitude of the Marvel Vs Capcom series. It will always fail in comparison just like DC's box office movies compared to Marvel. I hate the darker story, because it's from the same people who gave us Mortal Kombat. I care nothing for the backstory of the Justice League being turned evil or possesed or something I've read in a comic a million times over.However, I will say seeing Superman punch someone out of the Earth was cool.

The title, oh the title. It's just one of the worst I've ever heard for a game. No wants to say that out loud, why not just call it Justice League Fight To Save the World or something else.

I just hope it doesn't play like Mortal Kombat Vs DC, if it doesn't than I'm sure I'll have fun beating up Green Lantern(unannoucned) with Batman.

*Can't wait for the bullshit on DLC costumes and extra chaarcters that will all be ready when the game launches instead of just being unlocked on the disk by earning them. So maybe wait a year for the Ultimate edition of this game. Oh, and special code to play it online so it can't be resold.