Thursday, May 24, 2012

Transformers The Ride 3D Grand Opening

 As a 1984 reminiscent like image of Micheal Bay greeted us and Steven Spielberg walked before me, loud explosions and fireworks, streamers and army officer fell from the sky. This all happened as the truck version of Optimus Prime and in car mode Bumblebee rolled in to save the day from Megatron. This all happened outside the ride, Transformers The Ride 3D.
 Universal spared no expense showing off their brand new ride blended with 3D  technology. We were served Energon, which you may also drink when you enter the park, in preparation of the event. Giant versions of walking Optimus and Bumblee were on the Red Carpet with stars from television.
This all led to a big blow up show right outside the ride, that I wish was permanent. Megatron attempted to take the piece of the All Spark from it being installed in the Nest Base aka the Transformers Ride, he was easily defeated by Optimus and Bumblee, but not before soldiers fell of buildings and skid down the ride's building on ropes. It was truly a spectacle worthy of Micheal Bay.

 Park patrons waiting to go on the ride for the first time

 The ride is a brand new experience of joy. It's the perfect combo of 3D and motion simulator on a track. Before you get on the ride you start off going through the Nest Base, which builds a back story to what's going on. If your in line for a while you"ll be ale to check out the All Spark and technology from the movie. You board a new Autobot Transfromer called Evac and then your off for one of the best rides I've ever been on. First you have to escape the Nest base which is being attacked by the Deceptions led by Megatron. Then your taken through an epic battle through the city. You even go inside one of the big robots, you get eaten. Then Evac and living vicariously through Evac, as though you're one entity, you fight Megatron. This all happens as notable Decepticons try and kill you. Bad Ravager, Bad!

 The special effects for the ride were close to reality as possible. The technology of the 3D, surround sound and motion simulation really fools you into believing your being thrown through air or going through a building. It's taken so long to make the ride, but it surpasses any at the park.

This needs to be your number one stop at the park. It feels like you leaped into a Micheal Bay movie and you fixed it. There's even bullet time in the ride, you experience 3D bullet time! Just that alone could be a ride or a fun 3D I want The Matrix in 3D The Ride, or just the films in 3D or both. Optimus and Bumblee are in the ride too and give you help along the way. From the reaction of the kids in front of me and my fellow riders to the side and back clapping and going,  "Woohoo!" you"ll enjoy the ride.

 Merch roll out! Check some of the goods you can get after the ride, I ain't paying 14 bucks for a magnet, but you can and more.