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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UCLA Game Art Festival New Game Tomorrow

 Last report for the UCLA Game Art Festival that took place a few days ago. The festival over all was a great event to just share work with others in the field. A chance for students to mingle and enjoy themselves for one night over video games, their creations. Lots of the games looks very professional and might one day be on Steam or on our phones. Other titles were just artsy ideas, games that could never really be fun or playable.  It reminded me of a much less organized IndieCade.
 Take for instance the mobile arcade unit with Cryptoid Blues by Adeline Duckerand Steven Amrhein. A silly, but functional idea. The awkwardness of trying to keep up with whoever has the arcade cabinet on their back is the real game. It weight about 35 pounds, the makers say they might fiddle with lighter models and try to have them at video game events.

 There was this very convoluted game, that was essentially about how fast you could type against someone else. If there was less story and more game play, it be quite addictive.