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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Game Hype: Laundry Arcades? McCloud's Kinect

"That’s what Kingston University student Lee Wei Chen has developed, an innovative way of washing your clothes and getting some fun out of it in the process. The bottom half of the cabinet contains the washing mechanism, the top half is the controls and monitor. He chose to use a steering wheel and buttons for the controls and programmed the game so that if you fail, it will stop the washing cycle and you have to insert more coins to continue not just the game but the wash as well. If you’re talking about replay value, then this is certainly one way to do it, as you won’t want to leave your clothes incompletely washed"
via Arcade Heroes

McCloud's Arwing Academy T-Shirt

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect box art isn't getting better. It's just Goku with his family in his living room. Why is the connect not even in the picture? Not final box art.