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Monday, May 21, 2012

Hero Complex Edgar Wright and Simon Peg

Edgar Wright was applauded as he entered Hero Complex, he sat down and enjoyed himself not one , but twice , appearing before his film and after Shaun of the Dead.

At his second coming Simon Peg joined him surprising the audience. Both were tight lipped about their special projects Ant-Man for Edgar and Star Trek 2 for Simon. They couldn't say a thing.

What they did do is give props to George Romero for creating the genre of zombie films. They also talked of there childhood and watching and dissecting films together. They told how more serious horror movie helped Shaun of the Dead like A Werewolf in London and Raising Arizona for it's sense of humor.

Edgar talked about how Romero was given a copy to watch before it came out. Romero saw the film alone in a theater except for one guard. Edgar joked sarcastically as to why the guard was needed, would Romero have video taped the film and made illegal copies?

Edgar also explained how some scenes in Shaun of the Dead contrasted his real world view. There was a terrible crisis with foot and mouth disease affecting cattle in England and Edgar only found out about it by looking up one day at some random TV at a restaurant.  Edgar explained how people just don't notice the zombies right away in Shaun, because like him they don't pay attention to sirens and all that noise, it's just common not to pay attention to every little thing.

Edgar went on to say his films are the way he sees things, it's his vision. He gave this great bit about how sometimes gamers can see the world only like a game or can only communicate through stuff relating to games on the subject of Scott Pilgrim.

Then both funny British men talked of trying to get free ice cream by putting the running gag of Cornatos (ice cream snack) into each of the trilogy films. Edgar explained they were simply put in because one night after heavy drinking he had one for breakfast and felt better.

Edgar also shared to filmmakers starting out to have a plan before you shoot. He says he was amazed to learn how many directors don't. Plan out everything was his advice.

Simon Peg before he left did tell of Peter Weller (Robo Cop) being on the Star Trek 2 set. Peter was having some trouble with his new baby and Simon gave him some advice. It made him retrospect on his life. "I just gave Robo Cop parenting advice", he said.

Peter Weller might have taken it, but he can dish it out. I'll have my report on Peter Weller's long Q and A tomorrow.