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Monday, May 7, 2012

E3 2012 June 5-7

Highly doubt-able if you don't know about the biggest gaming event in the world happening in LA. All the major publishers, people and new games and tech are featured at this event, this wonderland for the gamer. I covered the tail end of it last year for you. There are probably going to be some non-trade events you can get into for the event. I'll be keeping my eyes open for you.

E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo
LA Convention Center
June 5-7

If you can remember last year, both Sega an Xbox had non-trade events to enjoy. Video Games Live and new Zelda Concert will be held on June 6th, check the right side of the site for more info. There will be plenty video game event happening inside the city. Do remember IGN, Destuctoid and Kotaku do like to hold bar events and there might be another Video Game Girls Strip event, right now it's cartoon characters.

What I'm most looking forward to is Nintendo, I really want to see what the Wii U can do or if the name might be changed to Wii Poo. Every time I hear the Wii's name I just think of a doctor telling a kid to pee in a cop. Honestly, I want to see what compatibility the Wii U and 3DS have.

Games wise, I hope to see something for the Adventure Time game via Way Forward. Possibly something for The Avengers as it's just stuff flying around now. Back to Nintendo, I wanna see Pikmin for Wii U and let's hope 3DS. Sea Man for 3DS wouldn't hurt either and that Kirby Collection they said they would have out this year. Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect in action is a must. I hope there's brand new titles coming out just made for it. Vita could show off some new titles and not re-hashes, maybe something like Loco Roco.

It's also a great time to talk to Indie Game Makers, with Indie Game: The Movie and how well Fez has done I'm sure the big companies will be looking more into what could be the next hot game.

Many companies are stepping forward with new tech, so maybe will see  some better stuff in the fields of AR, 3D and virtual reality. I doubt it will be from the big companies I'm thinking small developers trying to make it.

Overall, I feel the best way to go over the stuff would be sort of like a field journal, writing to you like I'm on Safari. I'll keep you updated on all the latest stuff like Chimpanzees are trying to eat my sweet brain meats and female lions are trying to tackle me to the ground, while the male lion does nothing, that's what happens in nature, male lions are lazy, kind of like dead beat dads. On Chimpanzees, they are like the zombies of the jungle, you know.

Now I want to fight zombie lions and chimpanzees, you hearing me Capcom? On Capcom, I wonder what Lost Planet 3 will be like, I'm not happy about prequels, but I did enjoy killing giant monsters with my friends in the last game.

Namco Bandai better show me Tekken X Street Fighter, like I said in my review of Street Fighter X Tekken, (this naming system will really annoy parents buying the game), I just play Tekken style games better.

From 2k, who doesn't want to get hands on with Bioshock Infinite? Hate the name, love the game so far. Terminator George Washington, I just can't wait for the cosplay.

Japanese publishers are going to have to step up instead of releasing re-hashes or anime properties. I'd like to see some new characters and ideas. I know America, is like shooter, shooter, shooter, but you get some fun brawlers and addictive games.

I know Sega won't do it, but I'd love if they'd show off their urinal games. Where peeing becomes a whole new sort of gaming. They should just do it to grab people to come by. You just prop a water bottle in between your legs and go. It be better if it was right next to the Wii booth.

So much gaming news in one place. LA = E3