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Monday, May 21, 2012

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Punches Sunset

Sega went all out at the IAM8BIT Gallery on Sunset, Saturday May 19 for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown heading to home consoles PSN June 5th and XBLA on June 6th. The special party you had to RSVP for was presented with free special edition t-shirts and posters for the people who turned out. The real prize was getting to play the new updated Virtua Fighter on ten consoles and even for a chance on the big screen in the back projected on the wall. Guests were also treated to free drinks to quench their thirst at the open bar.

The games coming out with so much DLC it's insane, there's also two new characters for the update, and new animations better depicting where you hit someone. If your hardcore into fighters Sega's heard what you like and they've made it better. When I had a chance to smack around my photographer, in the game only, it brought me back to being in arcade and watching fighters get hurt painfully and laughing at them.

Sega flown in two top players from Japan, Fuudo and Chibita, who I might add live up to their hype by beating any Capcom Community player who stepped up to face them.

Seeing them kick butt is quite the site, it's like a train wreck that gets up and then decides to take a bat to whatever is still alive after the accident. Seeing the two duke it out on projected back wall was like a battle of titans each using devastating combos and attacks that many other players wouldn't be able to pull off in the quick amount of time they did. In the end Chibita beat Fuudo. I'd say at the start they might have been on equal footing, but Chibita trounced Fuudo in the end. Now don't think you"ll be beating Fuudo anytime soon, he and Chibita kicked everyone in wherever it hurts the most to be kicked with matches before the fight.
Got to say, loved they had Virtua Fighter Hand Sanitizer for clean hand controller use.