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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jim Rugg King Notebook Nerd

 Jim Rugg was in LA for his solo show "Notebook Nerd" at the IAM8BIT Gallery last Friday night May 25th. Looking through his pieces you can see he has mastery over pens. Creating funny depictions of movies and photo realistic creatures are easy for him. I had a chance to chat with him while at the show. As we talked, he was greeted by fans of his work and even young children interested in pieces.

I knew of Jim's work through the indie comic Street Angel, a story about a young girl skateboarder that dealt with a lot of weird situations. Jim's work seems to delve into a lot of weird situations, but as he told me how he enjoys reading books it's sporadically like the ideas spread out throughout gallery. He was in town from Pittsburg and just started checking out LA. Interestingly enough, a lot of his work doesn't have much of a deeper meaning, more of a free flow of ideas. He didn't even see Total Recall, but knew of the three-boobed chick from it enough to create her for the show.

His taste are also sporadic. Even though he enjoys video games he isn't playing any right now as they might become too addictive. In terms of comics or manga, he's going to try Dragon Head and more of Bakuman. I can't wait to see what else he'll be doing in his own comics next.

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                                                       Street Angel