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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Game Hype: What Happened to Matt, Paul and Andrew?

Andrew Wilson is keeping busy doing massively fun Nintendo things. I could so see these on Japanese Pepsi bottle caps. Buy his stuff through his site if you like it.

Paul Robertson of all things bitty? That wasn't witty ...says he's working on a tv show?!!! Also a new video game with ex- ubi-soft friends. If you also check your Fez  credits he worked on the game!!! I saw him at Diversion a few month back. I know during a conversation with him I must of mentioned Fez. He's response "Yeah, looks cool" and smiling. He frikken new everything about it.

Matt Hawkins of Fort 90, Guyism, NBC and Attract Mode which still isn't open for business like another video game site with a rocket in it... what sorry... want to look at thing online. Anyway Mr. Hawkins is doing Comic Vs Games, curating an art show with some really great art and this thing happening below.

Here's a piece from it. Also Matt is behind this Katamari pic spreading around the net, maybe I can take one like it at AX.