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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

College Humor Credit Where Credit Is... Wait, Where's The Credit

The above video is by Dan Meth

Starring: Karr Washington, Josh Ruben, Brian Murphy, and Lacy Wittman
Additional animation by Josh Weisbrod

Now I found out that info, because I know Dan's style and I'm a fan of his work, so I checked his web-site to see if he posted on it. Now if I didn't know it was his work, I'd have no idea who did it, because College Humor doesn't list credits in the video or on it's web page. All that is written is CH Staff, which doesn't lead me to Dan again.

Another animated video not by Dan, titled "The Adventures of Kim Jong Un" also lacks any credits in the video and just lists CH Staff on it's page for credits. It's funny and I like it, but I have no idea who did it. I can't find out anything more about that person's work.

College Humor does that for a lot of videos it seems, maybe it's a tight knit community there, but it seems kind of bad for people who did the work not to have their names in the credits.