Thursday, May 3, 2012

Before There Was Golden Apple There Was Acme Game Store

Well, Golden Apple existed prior at a different address on Melrose, but ACME Game Store is where Golden Apple now resides.

 Golden Apple took the spot in 2006 and from what I gather it must have only existed in 2005. It looks so damn nice in the photo above, I'm sad I didn't visit it, I didn't even know it existed. Just think how cool it would be if a independent video game store opened up near Gallery 1988 and Apple. The property might be a bit cubersome as  G.Apple tried to sell the place a few months back unsuccesfully with all the comics inside. They wanted to sell it as a comic shop.

Only reviews online paint a picture above of it being a rad gamer store that couldn't cut it or possibly the owner was killed.

Update: Wow, it seems the owners got into legal trouble that I'll have more on it later in another full post. However, it seems it had some legal trouble with a raid by ICE agents ( hey they recently shot each other ) Homeland Security and such. Owner Jason Jones has written on his myspace page years back they had shotguns in hand and were wearing protective armor. Gotta agree with him on it being a ludicrous amount of force.Taking on video game modders with that much firepower was ridiculous, and a waste of resources. Didn't expect it to get that interesting.