Monday, October 25, 2010

Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl

What the Hell is going on? I saw previews for this for a while and had to see it for jus how bizare it was . Here's the trailer.
So anyway, ever fall in love with a cute girl whose a little demanding? How about a girl whose a vampire and wants to make you her eternal servant. What if that girl has some competetion from another hot young lady who happens to be the daughter of a Japanese Dr. Frankenstein. What you get is a ocean of blood!

Take the gore factor as high as you can raise it and you have Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl.

The movie is another great film to see with friends and just laugh at who thought up such a insane, mesemerizing plot of wierd ideas. Oh, it's cheezy, but it's meant to be. This film is B-movie gold.

I don't know what scene to articulate in to written words over more the cutting yourself contest or the raining blood perverted photo-op.

Just some of the inner thoughts of the minor charcters will having you reeling in laugher or make you think WTF. The kooky doctor with his nurse make everything just stranger with their dance numbers.There's a slight build-up to the big fight, but it's worth it for the absurdity of it all.

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