Sunday, October 10, 2010

It was Shriekfest

Shriekfest was a fun little horror festival I had the pleasure attending about a week ago.

I myself just attended the shorts, some of which found the perfect groove between Horror and comedy. I'll dwell on that later.

Overall the festival had a nice crowd and friendly festival runners. Finding Shreikfest was a bit of annoyance as there were not any signs showing where it was located at Raliegh Studios. We just gambled at the gate when we entered. The theater was fine except for these weird fake curtains. The curtains were really a type of lighting which were awkward in there placement as everyone had to get pass them to get to their seats

The winners of the event were
"Ashes" directed by Elias Matar took the Grand Jury prize for Best Horror Feature Film, "Transfer" directed by Damir Lukacevic took the Best Fantasy Feature Film award,  "Serum 1831" directed by Anand Kanna took the Best Short Film prize and "Rise of the Appliances" directed by Rob Sprackling took the Best Super Short Film prize  The winner of the Best Horror Feature Screenplay went to "Dead Crows" written by Chris Todd and the winner of the Best Short Screenplay goes to "Carbon Dating" written by Louis Rosenberg.

I'm sorry I missed Transfer it sounds great and was even shown at Fantastic Fest.

Two British shorts were scary funny in all the right ways.
The Furred Man and Rise of the Appliances were simply genius. I wish the writer and directors were given  Sci- Fi network shows more than that worthless LA Ghost Patrol or scare tatics with it's worst host ever.

I also enjoyed Tinglewood, Zombies and Cigarettes. I hated and was bored by Crooked Lane and Cockpit. They were just ... never ending boredom. The rest all had their moments for shorts.

I highly recommend seeing the festival next year and picking a movie that fits your horror needs.

 Shorts like Murder Baby made it so worth it. So here it is.