Friday, October 22, 2010

Obligatory Star Wars Post 5

Super Punch directs me to Elephants in Bantha Costumes

George Lucas you are a cruel mistress. Those poor elephants.

Topless Robot finds the sport in lightsabers duels with Adidas' stupid looking tennis shirts
Artisi John Woo made this Lego Boba Fett art for High Snob btw he is weraing adidas WTF.
This piece and not Adidas reminds me of the painfully strange Spoonful of Star Wars.
Spoonful is a art show of paintings of star wars action figures. Why? Who cares, it's Star Wars. You can check out these pieces at the approaching D-Con (Designer Con this November 21st)

Topless shows off some robes.
They go for 70 bucks each