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Friday, October 1, 2010

Mario's Dick is Yoshi's Tongue

Things To Do In LA keeping the standards set by Destructoid i.e. Kirby's Epic Yarn box art makes me spunk from my penis article by Jim Sterling.

This might be childish and has no real value, but it's just funny so who cares. That Princes Peach shirts kind of funny, too.

in the vain of that outbursts let's check out Kirby's "big" appearance in the Club Nintendo Newsletter. He seems happy to see you. The e-mail asks, "What happened to Kirby (insert name)" Maybe a Viagra power-up or he saw Samus naked at that Burlesque show I missed.

Happy 25th Mario, I still like Super Mario World better and Epic Yarn will stretch the standards of great game play and art.