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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Horror To Watch

I'll have some more movies to watch as Halloween approaches, but right now check out Dead Set coming to IFC channel. Imagaine Big Brother, but with Zombies. This is straight from Britain, my friends have all given it a thumbs up.

I saw the first episode of The Walking Dead at a friends Zombie Party. I'm sad to say it sucks. The director and I believe show runner Frank Darabont did a terrible job. My friends and I all hated it. Some of my friends recently read the Walking Dead comic from which it's based and said how Frank change to much of it.

The pace of the episode is very slow and only get interesting towards the end. Special effect wise the zombie look great, but cgi gun shots and flies look terrible.

Also camera work and music layout seems odd. For one there is no underlying music to set the mood till a intense scene that doesn't fit it. One scene has the camera focus on one zombie for way to long ( around the tank scene).

I didn't see the second episode so hopefully it get s better more into the show and the episode Frank didn't direct.

Sadly, I couldn't get Zomo off my tape so here's the first page of my script for Zomo a comedy short making fun of Bruce LaBruce's attempt to make another gay zombie movie and not telling the actors what was up.