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Monday, October 4, 2010

Even More IndiCade Info

 Here are some more games and events to get you excited about IndieCade.

Gregg Fleishman Structure Check-in
Pick up your pass, get information, buy merchandise, and find out about everything IndieCade at the check-in desk located in an awesome Gregg Fleishman structure on the corner of Main St and Culver Blvd.

Unwritten Storybook

To sign up for Unwritten Storybook visit this site Available to play on Sunday Oct 10 at 12:30 PM in Media Park
Once upon a a land not so far away...lived a troll...scratch that...lived a wizard...hmmm...lived a giant?
Every good story is built upon a captivating beginning, middle and end and it's up to you to decide how yours will play out. You and your team will create an original storybook by living it one challenge at a time. Every story is filled with adventures - whether you choose to slay a dragon or kidnap the prince, the choice is yours.

Playing the heroes of this real-world adventure across Brooklyn, your interactions with other teams of characters will determine whether you live as allies or enemies. All stories culminate in a festive gathering where the characters assemble together to write the final chapter over a feast of food and cider.
In a game where make-believe has real-world consequences, choose wisely, for you never know whether you will be awarded another page for your story or be CURSED!

Socks, Inc.

 Available to play on Sunday Oct 10 at 3:30 in the IndieCade Village created by Gregg Fleishman
Socks, Inc. is a family friendly and casual alternate reality game that is played through sock puppets. Players complete real world missions with their avatars in order to progress through levels and the game's narratives 




To sign up for Paparazzi visit this site
Available to play on Saturday Oct 9th at 2:00 in Media Park
In Paparazzi, players (in teams of 3-4) act out the age old battle between the camera-wielding paparazzi and the celebrities they stalk. As celebrities, players must be quick and clever in order to steer clear of shutterbugs. As paparazzi, they must be sneaky and organized. Will there be scandals? You bet. Will there be awkward photos of stunned-looking people, faces contorted, arms flailing wildly? Most certainly!

At the start, a few random players are assigned the role of celebrity, and the rest become the paparazzi. The celebrity's goal is simple: to make it to a variety of party spots appearing and disappearing throughout the city. However, their positions are being tracked by the paparazzi. The paparazzo's goal is get a good shot of a celebrity, using their digital camera or cameraphone. But a good photo can't be produced by aimlessly chasing after celebrities. The paparazzi must use their technological edge to setup ambushes: the seemingly innocent bystander blending in with the crowd; the cunning cameraman waiting just around the corner, ready to pounce. When a celebrity falls to a camera, the paparazzo wielding it takes the celebrity's place. The battle is neverending!
To play this game, you must bring your own cameraphone or digital camera.

About the creators at Atmosphere Industries

Atmosphere Industries is an art collective comprised of fairly nifty Canadians who create award-winning transmedia experiences that excite, educate and engage. Our projects tend to combine fun, community, technology, and a hearty helping of sprinkles. We've made all kinds of games for all kinds of occasions: from a Twitter/sticker-based game for an Australian web conference, to a theatrical gentrification simulation for Toronto street festivals, to a Bluetooth-distributed locative radio drama just for the hell of it. Find out more at