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Monday, October 18, 2010

Games To Play For Halloween

Here's alist for some games that are out now or will be out for Halloween.

Dead Rising 2   

First up and no surprise is Dead Rising 2. I'm just happy game companies are releasing games during the right times. Capcom was smart to release DR2 just a little bit  before October so everyone would have a zombie game to play with there zombie movies and TV shows coming out.

DR2 has you going around killing zombies in the most interesting fashions possible. Instead of just beating a zombie with a bat the bat now has nails on it. That rake not powerful enough how about attaching a car battery to it. I swear some duct tape company should have made a cross promotion with the product. You can pay attention to the storyline or you can just have fun going around a Vegas like city killing zombies in the most inventive ways.

Castelvania: Lords of Shadow

Kojima takes hold of the Konami series and makes slow motion action sequences the norm for this series. Another smart decision to release i in October just in time for Halloween fans who want more than watching movies about vampires and monsters.

Who doesn't want Patrick Stewart narrating whats happening, because he does in this game. The game seems like a fun rental., filled with monsters to smack down. It might be Castevania's saving grace after that awful fighter Castlevania Judgment with character designs from the person behind Death Note. This game also doesn't really have a look of it's own. It kind of makes it  generic. However it has good controls for you to beat up some werewolves and other nasties.

Costume Quest

   A RPG set on Halloween where your home-made costume transforms into being real. I can't think of a better Halloween game coming out. This seems like a instant classic.

Gameplay seems fun with a few classic costumes transforming you into a much cooler version of what you were going for. The Unicorn one is kind of priceless. The humor's gonna be heavy because it coming from Double Fine.

Your in a group of kids trick-or treating and you've gotta save Halloween. Encounter a enemy and transform. It;ll be on xbox live and psn soon.