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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things I Missed: Naked Samus and Wii Sports Games

Uggh, even though you live in LA you can't go to everything. Redondo Beach was a bit far, but it seems it was worth it. The Wii Games Championship had a Mushroom Kingdom for the kids. A  awards ceremony with Mario and Luigi. Consoles for all. What great marketing and fun. Oh, yeah they also had a Wii games competition finale for the games I reported on which took place all across America.

LA Weekly reported on another special burlesque show, like the one I reported on years ago with Princess Peach. This time Samus Aran showd us here Metroids.

The article doesn't explain when it happened or where, except it was somewhere in LA recently. I wonder who does the costumes for these things there pretty good.

October 9 for Scream Queens Burlesque from the same people.