Monday, October 25, 2010


I haven't done this in a long time and face it my interviews haven't been happening for a while.

I was reminded to watch House because one of my favorite blogs Sci-Fi Japan

So let me review House or Hasu. This world class B-movie of  legend has been on my Netflix que for a long time. Sadly only a region 2 version has come this close to America. Until now it comes out October 26th on dvd and blu-ray in America.

Let me tell you House will f u up. This B-movie masterpiece has the great, may I say art of making every location a indoor set, except 20 seconds on a bridge, other than that every location is in doors. Now thats insane.
Questionable incest oh it's here. Evil cats with a looped meow. Terrible special effects it's got them. Stupid girls representing the 7 deadly sins. People turned to fruit, and body parts that can move on thier own.

This movie will just throw things at you that you wouldn't except. At the start you think you'll figure it out, but by the end you'll just be lauging at the absurdity. Plus, did I mention 7 cute girls.

House is a must for a big group of friends its a A+ of what a B-movie should be. Here's the trailer, but I say this is the must have rental for Halloween.