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Friday, October 22, 2010

Obligatory Zombie Post 4: You Need To Go For Zombie Fighting Training

 Learn to fight zombies for real in LA.

UDAZ-DO: Zombie Self-Defense Training
 This sounds like a lot of fun for the zombie lover in your group.
 Starting October 16, 2010 - with Last Show on Halloween Oct 31, 2010
Every Saturday & Sunday
Seminar starts at 8pm

$20 per person

INFOThis is an actual self-defense seminar, with an emphasis on techniques to defend against Zombies, but certainly useful against living human beings as well.
Wear comfortable clothes to work out in; get ready to learn, get some exercise, and kick some Zombie ass!

DISCLAIMER: There will be use of profane language (Gidmo can't help it), as well as some light violence, effects, and loud noises. Recommended for ages 15 & up.

"Put some Zombie Ammo in their head" that is a great jingle

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