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Monday, October 4, 2010

Time For Some B&B, Boobs and Blood that is

photo probably by Christopher Bacarella

 Boobs and Blood is over now and like a dead prostitute who wasn't buried all the way, has left us with two tombstones mounds that will never let us forget her. George Warrior the man you see in the luchador mask above, had his serial play before all the movies in the festival. His bizarre humor must come from his Channel 101 heritage. He stole the show when I attended and won the award for being the best thing shown at the festival, not him ,but his adventures.

 Kickin it at the event were porn stars like Puma Swede and hot Japanese vampire woman. What I got out of the event was these great back stories on the movies shown like S&M Hunter and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.

As a film student it's astoundinh to here how they were shot in just a few days. Twilight dinner was shot in four freaken days with no extra takes.Stories about how different the laws were back in LA's history. You can't shoot anything know without a permit.

Free soda, a hot nurse and a friendly atmosphere made the event fun and dirty. There were a lot of Boobs. If Skinemax had a church Boobs and Blood could be it. The movies were just crazy, nonsense. The first line in Twilight Dinner is, "Why'd you eat out her pussy, literally?"

S and M Hunter is memes waiting to happen. He ties up women with a rope and seduces them by playing their privates like a musical instrument. Buy or rent the movie if you have the chance.

I hope this event becomes a mainstay of LA culture, just like Shriek-fest and hating Arizona when it's not our business.

I'll leave you with the creator of the festival's music video he directed. He is a smart man. Who needs a sound tech. He did however create a great event that has even more Boobs and Blood next year.