Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anime Expo Pt.1

Long Live Anime Expo

I just love this picture.
So Anime Expo was last weekend and it had a fun little romp. The event kicked off Friday. I couldn't attend and I apparently missed a quite funny Mega 64 panel where they debuted there Oregon trail video. Right after was the Gurren Lagann movie premiere. I attended the next day and got my own taste of Gurren in my Bang Zoom Presents Voice Work Panel here's a clip

Here's the fun entrance. Apparently talk on the net and from what I experienced control of the expo was not apparent this year .The staff (which is volunteer by the way) was not doing what they were suppose to. This made the expo more fun and enjoyable. Panels were easy to get into and entering the expo was easy. Everyone acted perfectly fine with lack of authority. Also it was a easy drive on Saturday to get there.
So me and some friends hit the main floor which house all the exhibitors.

Here's Udon's booth and their new book that I preordered DarkStalkers Tribute Artbook. A lot of the work is from Deviant Artists. It comes out in September.

Here be Amine Jungle which is known for it's spot in Little Tokyo. There were many huge booth full of anime items, some were actually cheaper then they would be online with shipping. Plus I didn't see any sales tax being added at any booth
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