Friday, July 31, 2009

Cartoon Network's Future

Other than being completely self-destructive and insane Cartoon Network does have some cool cartoons coming out. However, Cartoon Network wants comedy dead. Cartoon Networks policy currently is to no longer except funny cartoons, they want action oriented boys cartoons and thats it. Chowder and Flapjack are over. However Chowder will have a final episode of sorts where we see 20 years into the future where hes is now a chef and has his own apprentice. CN Real or possibly the dumbest idea for a network whose sole purpose is cartoons are truly awful and rehashed live action kids shows. For example they have the Outsiders which is a rehash of Ghosthunters except teenager look for ghost. Then some shows make no sense like Slamball which is basketball with trampolines? This young girl gives a good argument as to why Cartoon Network is f'ing up so bad.

Luckily some shows were already in production so Cartoon Network already paid for some funny stuff.

Let's start of with SYM-BIONIC TITAN created by of Dexter's Laboratory fame and the animated Star Wars Clone Wars not that CG crap. The shows story is that three alien teenagers leave their war torn planet and pretend to be human high school students. Then monsters show up on earth and they have to work together and form a giant robot. This shows looks like fun and Genndy Tartakovsky doing a show with giant robots fighting is going to be great. This is the second show I most looking forward to. Coming Fall 2009.

SYM - BIONIC TITAN reminds me a little to much of well Titan Maximum, the new adult swim show from the people who did robot chicken, the robots even look the same some what.

Next we have Cartoon Institute, which is the great idea of letting different animators come up with their own shorts and showing three per episode. This is being led by Craig McCracken creator of the Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary friends and who also worked on Dexter's Laboratory. Shows like this have launched a number of shows including Megas XLR, Kids Next Door, and helped Powerpuff Girls get made. Many different shorts will be around 39 have been made. This should be fun to see wild and different ideas and styles from different animators. Late 2009.

Here's a strange looking short apparently these two are Nature agents?

Next we have Ben 10 Evolutions where Ben's superpowers are revealed to the world and his a megastar. I feel the show is being dragged out and that it wasn't that good in the first place. Maybe this incarnation of it will be better. Early 2010

Generator Rex is based on a comic-book that came out in the 90's and was quite violent, they probably toned it down, but the insane story set in the future still looks to be in check. So a 15- year old name Rex get nanites in him( super small robots) that give him super powers like giant robot hands to smack people arounds with. In the comic Rex had died and the nanites brought him back to life. His friends Agent Six a super cool secret agent and BoBo HaHa a intelligent monkey that used ti be a bell-hop help him fight evil nanites monsters. The comic had a hot lounge singer woman and some other animal that was a scientist help Rex also. Seem like they might have been cut out of the show or might have smaller roles then they did in the comic. This show looks to be fun when a young kid can be up monsters with giant robot hands, plus theres a monkey. Early 2010



Or do be more precise Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. My favorite show coming out from
Pendelton Ward who just worked on Flapjack. Adventure Time is about the utterly fun and insane adventures of Finn the dog and Jake the human, two best buds that go on adventures through strange and magical lands encountering all kinds of weird creatures and people. The shows sense of humor is completely different from a average cartoon, plus the writing and story draws you in. It's the best show coming out. The shows staff even has a blog of what they're doing and update constantly here

Coming Winter 2010

As I already posted why this show is great

here's the pilot so judge for yourself

Lastly there will be Firebreather a animated movie based on a comic about a kid who's half dragon. His dad wants him to rule the Earth and become king of all monsters, while his mom wants him to just be a average kid. It's original at least. Coming late 2009 earlt 2010

There are some shows I didn't mention like Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, because they're simply going to suck or are outright marketing toys and merchandise to kids shows.