Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not Anime Expo, Anime High Art - Pop Culture

So anyway I while back I went to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to see the art exhibit
Anime! High Art - Pop Culture

The exhibit has a large collection of cells from different animes. It's a great way to bring up someone who's never seen anime. They have different sections that are described on placards such as mecha animes like Gundam, Shojo or girls who transform into magical girls with cells from Card Captor Sakura ,Wedding Peach and of course Sailor Moon. The placards really explain each of the subgenres of anime. There 's even a hentai section behind a curtain.
The top floor will have a cell from probably at least one anime you've seen. The cells looks great and it's intresting to think about the process of it.To clarify the whole art ehibit is cells except one section of G-force paintings. The multiple cells from different anime is on the fourth floor. Miyazaki's work is on the first floor and almost takes up the whole section except for some Astroboy.

A reason for the exhibit coming here might be because Miyzaki is coming to the Academy for a showing of his new movie Ponyo as part of the LA Film Fest. It sold-out immediately so don't bother trying to get tickets

Note parking sucks you've got to find some on the streets beware the the signs. You also have to sign in show your I.D. and get a pass before going in, but it is free, and close to Sawtelle. The pics I used are from Zac Bertschy's article from Anime News Network. I couldn't take any of my own while there.

Don't forget to comment if you go!

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