Thursday, July 30, 2009

Marvels future

Marvel's hitting the anime

with these two news shows Inuya--- I mean the Wolverine Anime and the Iron Man Anime

Iron man apparently is fighting a space admiral with robot hands and Wolverine has become Inuyasha.

The Iron man anime looks watchable, but the plot for the Wolverine anime is so retarded. Wolverine loses his memories(again) while in Japan. Some cute Japanese girl helps him and names him after her Uncle Logan. When mysterious monsters and demons from Japanese folklore show up Logan transforms into Wolverine. No he won't have a costume.

Iron man just looks cool and whatever the shows about at least the got how cool his armor is. These have no dates to when there coming out, but probably 2010.

Wolverine and the X-men are back for another season (this may be different where you live as the entire first season is done in Europe and Canada, but the season hasn't been fully shown in America) The second season revolves around Apocaylpse and the Age of Apocaylpse story arc. New characters are inbound including the Merc with a Mouth Deadpool. Sometime on Nicktoons late 2009 early 2010

Fantastic Four World's Greatest Heroes will finish its first season run in America even though it already ended in Canada and Europe . Going on Nicktoons. This series captures the Fantastic Four and how they act in the comics to perfection.

Next we have some big headed versions of Marvel Superheroes in Superhero Squad. A kid show of the Marvel superheroes who live in Superhero city, it's more cartoony than action oriented. Coming to Cartoon Network this September.

Clip of the show

If your not into this kid show a more adult version is coming out actually called Avengers with real avengers starring in the roles not B-list heroes. The show is to coincide for when all the movies come out. So look forward to a real avenger cartoon in late 2010 early 2011. The team that was working on Hulk gamma corps was scrapped and put onto the Avengers projects.This show looks funny and looks like DC's death warrant as there only doing Batman Brave and the Bold for another season and have one staright to dvd movie coming out. DC better start do something .

Next we have Planet Hulk, which is Hulk gets shot into space for being the Hulk and and instead of going to some peaceful planet where he won't hurt anyone accidentality lands on a Hell world and beats the crap out of everyone. The action seat will be great. He' fight giant monsters, the silver surfer, robots, and giant parasites that need to be bun out of him. I think they could have chose a better voice actor. This comes out in Fall 2009.

Here's Black Panther for BET which is a WTF. Black Panther suppose to be a hero and this clip really doesn't show that or even Black Panther only jogging, begging the quesion why? Also ouch.

This just seems to be a poor idea.