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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Galco's Soda Pop Stop

Beyond Bevmo and the average 7-eleven is a place to quench thirst. In a multitude of colors and flavors. If you want Ramune and Bawls energy drink. If you want Banana soda it's here if you want German sour soda it is here. This place is called Galcos.

This tiny store is a favorite of Yelp

and a love hotel for the man who loves Soda and beer. They have rarities of beer and soda from all over the world. I've tried a variety of foreign sodas and I can tell you most are awful, but some of the stuff from other parts of the US taste pretty good. With a few friends it's great to try out new soda or beer especially with hilarious foreign names like Shartenbom or China Cola. Be ready to buy a bunch of different choices. My personal favorite is Nesbit's even though it's made here in California I can't find it anywhere else. Service is extremely helpful and parking is easy. Getting off the freeway may be annoying just stay on york.

They have a old timey candy section this isn't it theres even more candy there. They also have a deli in back.

Some rare beers from Galcos

The main reason to go to Galco's Nesbit's Peach Soda.

It's sssssssssso delecious!

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