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Friday, July 31, 2009

DC's Future

Superman/Batman Public Enemies will be awesome. Based on a DC story arc of the same name it's just f'ing silly, but fun. Lex Luthor is now President and puts a billion dollar reward on Superman's head because he blames Superman for a meteor thats going to destroy the earth. So Batman and Superman head to the White House to take down the President, too bad every villain they ever fought is going to try and take them down in a all out battle in Washington DC.

I really have high hopes for this one as they got the voice actors from JLU to reprise their roles as Batman, Superman, and Lex Luthor. Look for this great straight to dvd cartoon on Septmeber 29.

Talking about voice actors one future episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold will feature Adam West as Thomas Wayne/Batman's Dad, Kevin Conroy as The Phantom Stranger, Mark Hamill as The Spectre and made the current voice actor of Batman Diedrich Bader cry. Batman BB is the only DC based cartoon series being made right now which kind of suck compared to Marvel's plans. Batman BB will be out for another season this fall/winter.

Next in the far of future Superman: Red Son is being made for the straight to dvd market. Based on the graphic novel of the same name baby Superman's rocket lands in Russia instead of America . Now Superman stand for lies, oppression and the Communist way in extremely sinister what if?, story. I really enjoyed this book and seeing this being made into a cartoon brings me joy.