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Friday, July 17, 2009

Dragon Ball Games 2009 (better box art required)

One of my most favorite anime series Dragon Ball Z is having a slew of new games coming out for the rest of 2009.

Coming out October 20th

First up we have Dragonball: Revenge of King Piccolo for the Wii. Now this is for the DBZ fan who knows about Goku's early adventures. No going Super Saiyan here. This game will feature Goku in a platform adventure facing his old enemies from the original series. Goku will be fighting the villainous Red-Ribbon army, King Pillaf, and other enemies leading up to the King Piccolo who would spawn Piccolo as we know him today. He actually spit Piccolo out of his mouth as a egg , hopefully they'll be some sort of boss fight with King Piccolo spitting eggs out of his mouth at you and you''ll have to use your power pole to swat them back at him, thats right the power pole is back! Goku's big orange magic pole that can grow so long it can reach the moon is in your control with your wii-mote, you''ll be able to swat down enemies faster than you can say Kame-ha-me-ha. Collectibles are inbound so you can collect items from the show in-game, don't forget you'll be able to buy upgrades for Goku on his first journey in this platform, RPG- element, beat-um up adventure. I cant wait to play using the wii and see how Goku's attacks will be used and controlled.

Coming out November 11th

Next up we have Dragonball Raging Blast for the 360 and PS3. This game will be sporting HD graphics and over 70 characters which sadly does include transformations, but still thats a lot of characters unless you count how many transformations Frieza has. Anyway the game will have destructible environments so you can literally beat some through a mountain. The game includes a new attack system called Super Rising in which your character will fly upward through some battle stage area. I'll have to see it in action before I can judge if that's cool or not or what it actually means. The game itself looks a bit lackluster. Hopefully it will be more fun, than the last two recent DBZ games that came out, Dragonball Z Burst Limit and Dragonball Z Infinite World which were only worth a rental. Dragoball Z Infinite World isn't even worth a rental. The name of this game it truly hilarious as it's very stupid, Raging Blast? Really, I'm sure the original game is called something else in Japanese, they couldn't come up with a better title stateside? It sounds like a Saiyan disease. "Hey Vegata why the grim look on your face, do you have the Raging Blasts?" No online play has been announced. The story mode may been fun if they have a good overview world map and extra made-up stories and characters like Fusion Yamcha/Tien and Cell who absorbs Krillin instead of 18 from the Budokai series.

Coming out the same day as Raging Blast November 11th

This DS game looks fun Dragonball Z Attack of the Saiyans, and it's a RPG. Yea, a good Dragon Ball RPG. From what I've seen from the youtube clip below, this game looks like the best of three coming out, with exciting 2d graphics and attacks that looks fantastic. Once again the name of this title needs to be changed and the box art changed too, I'm just Saiyan. Really, I hope they change the box art to something exciting. The game itself will be a three party system and your three characters will be able to combine attacks to defeat enemies. This seems to be a definite buy

Now all of theses games are from Japan and have been translated for the English market by Namco Bandai. Namco Bandai recently became the holder of all Dragon Ball games coming out on the consoles in the U.S.A. as Atari lost it, which means Atari has really nothing now. Namco Bandai will probably just be bringing Japanese games to the American Market here, which is nice since we get Dragonball games and quirky little games like The Munchables.
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