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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This little store tucked on Rosewood, is such a hindrance to find. As a fellow yelper said

"This place is like one of the ninja villages in Naruto its...Hidden. You have to keep walking straight on rosewood."Jeff G.

It's worth in it's name is due as it has some great clothes to buy inside. The store itself is extremely small. It's also small in design basing most of its shirts, hats and other apparel on bombs. There official mascot is a bomb with eyes. They even made it into a vinyl toy you can buy there. I do like their designs even if it's of multiple designs of bombs.
They do have other designs and other items, but the bomb seems to be their favorite. The store is mainly for skaters and skate culture, but the stuff looks so cool anybody would want some. I bought bomb socks when I went.Parking is unfeasible on the actual street where the store is. However the surrounding area should give you a place to stash your car. The surrounding area by the way has a bunch of great shops to look at if you just walk around.
Update: checking out thier site they have a lot more designs than I thought, I'd say give'em a chance they might have more in stock and different designs since I last went.

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