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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I haven't been very cartoony

Cartoon week hasn't been going well, I haven't posted that much, but lets go on a quick run through of all the cartoons coming out over the next year or two

Starting with Adult Swim

Death Fighter the sequel to the Aqua teen movie is planned for release in late 2010 or early 2011

This September from the creators of Robot Chicken you have Titan Maximum. A team of young spaceship pilots who come together to form a giant robot well called Titan Maximum. Due to budgetary cuts the team was disbanded until a former member (voice of Seth Green) went evil sending monsters to conquer the galaxy. The members of the team who aren't evil are called back to service.

The series sounds like a great riff on Power Rangers and Voltron like shows, plus writer Geoff Johns have worked on some episodes.

Next is Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge from David Willis of Aqua Teen fame.The CG show looks horrible,but the stories seem even more horrible( I like it being horrible). Cheyenee Cinnamon rides a magical flying unicorn around New Jersey trying to solve problems like racial hatred with her songs. Cheyenne Cinnamon will be voiced by the singer Neko Case, but Neko won't actually sing any songs, plus MC CHRIS IS BACK as a talking Gummi bear in this show

MC Chris has a show in development called Battle Hi, which is a cartoon about himself going on magical adventures. It's in the air if it's being made or not.

Aaron McGruder says Boondocks next season won't be done till sometime in 2010, try and find the two episode not seen in America, because they attacked BET, BET has a Black Panther cartoon coming out and you'll see why they make fun of the network in a future post.

The beloved Venture Bros has been split in twain as only 8 episodes will be seen sometime October/November and another 8 episodes in June 2010

Also 24 and Helper are really dead and are never coming back

Were getting a funny special called Freaknik the Musical about a ghost with the voice of T-pain who comes out of interdimensional vaginas.Other voices include Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne, Andy Samberg heres a song from the special (it's just the song).

Korgath and the Xtacles are not coming back

Also for some reason were getting live action weirdness from the people who made Wonder Showzen( clip below) and were also getting the original The Office from England.

These other shows are so early in development I have no pics of them and little info

Frankenhole a new stop-motion animated show from the creator of Moral Orel, the pilot comes out this Fall

Comedy about a family in South Boston.

Tight Bros
About two friends from New Jersey trying to live the lifestyle of cool hip guys , but they lack any cash

A Live action pilot from Dave Willis starring Matt Berry (IT Crowd) and Dana Synder(voice of Master Shake)
Neil Hamburger's Big Ball
From Tim and Eric and starring someone name Nei l Hamburger. It has been described as a Japanese game show meets The Price Is Right.
Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
Comedy about a middle-aged demon by Dave Willis who seems to get around
Tyrone's Inferno
By the ever funny Evan Dorkin